Our greatness as a family is not just in some of us, but is in all of us. Our family has had great successes in many areas of society from the military, to business, politics, and all levels of college graduations. We have come a long way in a few short generations and the future continues to look bright. We are proud to share our family's scholars and future leaders with the world.

Our Scholastic Achievers

Monique Arrington ~ B.S. in Psychology from UCLA

LaQueenna Brown ~ Attended Platt College for Medical Assistance

Amy Franklin ~ B.A. in Education from Prairie View A & M University

Keanna DeCole Franklin ~ B.A.S. in Government from Texas Woman's University

Ashli Jackson ~ B.S. in Biology from Prairie View A & M University

Eric Jackson ~ B.S. in Marketing from Mesa State University

Stacy Jackson-McAlister ~ B.S. in Retail and Consumer Sci. from The Univ. of Arizona

Troy Jemerson ~ Masters of Divinity from Fuller Seminary

Ashland Johnson-Franklin ~ B.A. of Education Texas Southern University

LaTijera Jones ~ B.S. in Nursing from MSU

Cyndee Manuel ~ A.A. in Law Enforce. from Cooke Co. College; B.S in Criminal Justice from Southwest Texas State Univ.; M.S. in Criminal Justice Admin. from Liberty Univ.

Brandi Manuel ~ Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Latin Honors Cum Laude Univ. of Texas Arlington

Jeffrey Manuel ~ B.S. from North Texas State University

Shantel Nolen ~ B.S. in Biology from UC, Berkley and M.S. in Biology from UC, Irvine

Brianne Overstreet ~ B.A. in Business Administration from Univ. of North Texas

Chad Peace ~ J.D. from Thurgood Marshall School of Law

LaRay Imani Price ~ Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University